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Now You See It…Now You Dont

11 Nov 15
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Not unlike Portsmouth kits, the 2007-08 season saw a mid-season alteration.

Half way trough the 2007-08 season extra Canterbury logos appeared on the shouolders of the players shirts. The logos featured on both home and away shirts during the season, though didnt feature on either the third shirts or the replicas. The first appearance of them was in the tie against Sunderland on 23rd February 2008 and nearly all remaining times the home shirt was used they appeared on the shoulders. They weren’t on the away shirt until West Ham on 8th April.

There are rules and guidelines for advertising on shirts and football kits and only having one logo, one sponsor and one club badge was understood to be the norm. Canterbury seemed to get away with this addition. The changes were picked up by fans and some complaining to the club shops that the replicas didnt feature the extra logos. The only replicas to feature them was the special cup final shirts released to celebrate Portmsouth reaching Wembley for the FA Cup.

The club shop not only sell replica shirts but the ‘Elite’ shirts too. These are the player standard shirts that feature different material, a transfered club badge and are more lightweight. These ‘Elite’ shirts that were sold also didnt feature the extra badges. If you see a shirt on ebay that has these then its almost definately an actual players shirt.

With Canterbury Extras….

Home Shirt: Spurs, Sunderland, Villa, Wigan, Newcastle, Blackburn, Birmingham and the 2 Wembley apperances

Away Shirt: Man U, West Ham and Middlesbrough

(These are games that I have found pictures of online. There may be a couple more that I havent confirmed yet)



No Swapsies!

11 Nov 15
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Players were told that they are not permitted to swap shirts at the end of the FA Cup Semi final in 2008. This was because Canterbury had invested ‘significant amounts’ into the technology of the shirt and feared that other companies could get their hands on them!

The ‘Elite’ players shirts that Canterbury had been producing included a material that was specially ‘charged’ so it would increase blood flow and performance/healing times for muscles. They also included light reflecting dots to increase their visablility during games.

A Canterbury spokesperson confirmed that players were not allowed to swap shirts after games but it seems the message was lost somewhere along the lines as midfielder Sean Davis say “I dont remember being told not to swap” but went on to say that he didn’t remember anyone asking to swap either!

Further more the club were selling these Elite type shirts, so a rival company just had to walk in the shop stump up the £100 and Bobs your uncle!

May be the cup shirt was a prototype shirt that looked like the ones previously worn? Either way, better not tell the folks at Canterbury!

Nice Burgundy For The Final

11 Nov 15
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The coin toss ceremony has been held for the FA Cup Final. We lost. This gives us the Eastern End and we will have to wear our change strip Paul Wield mentioned that the change strip for the final will be white and burgundy.

Looking back, although red has been used for change kits over the years, none that you could say were burgundy. The first ever home kit had burgundy socks and collar, with white shorts. This was accompanied by a pink shirt though.

I guess as its a new kit it will be made by Kappa. They have probably got a kit ready to go but as we already have the semi kit in blue, they were waiting too find out the results of the coin toss to get the ball rolling with it.

As a geeky statto point: Chelsea is the only team in blue this year we have played away and used our white kit. The other ‘blue’ teams have all been the black 3rd shirt (Coventry, Man City, Carlisle, Birmingham. And the blue/white teams of Wigan ,Blackburn)



Here is the shirt we used…

Semi Final One Off Shirt Annonuced

11 Nov 15
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Portsmouth announced Today they are to have a special one-off kit for the FA Cup semi final this weekend.

Kappa have been signed up for a five year deal, starting next season replacing the existing Canterbury manufacturers. Canterbury Europe went out of bussiness just after the 2009/10 season started but luckily they had made enough kits already for us to get through the season.

The kit for the semi is a very traditional affair. Plain blue shirts with big white ‘v’ neck and white sleeve cuffs. Accompanied with good old plain white shorts and red socks. David James has opted for another Pink kit.

Lucius Peart, Pompey’s head of operations said”We are delighted to be working with such an iconic sporting brand and we look forward to building a strong relationship with Kappa. We can’t wait to see the players take to the field at Wembley on Sunday wearing their new Kappa kit. It looks really strong and we have really tried to integrate all the historical aspects of the club’s kit by being very careful and particular with the choice of colours.”

It seems Kappa are also more than happy with the deal, their CEO Simon Bamber said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Pompey. Their long history and tradition – and above all their incredible support – makes us proud to be part of the club’s future”

A new range of kits will be ready for next season and I will endeavour to keep you informed.


portsmouth fa cup semi final 2010 shirt.


The replica shirts had match embroidery added under the Kappa logo:

Spray Up Pompey

11 Nov 15
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I have recently received a reply from the artist who painted the mural at Fratton Park, AceOne. Here it is…


I am the artist ‘AceOne’ who painted this mural underneath the North Stand, took bloody ages too but was well worth it! 6 months in all for no payment, just pure exposure! Thats how skint Portsmouth FC were/are! I was quite gutted that I didn’t receive the media exposure I was promised and would have wanted especially as I had just graduated from University that year and was trying to start up a career as a freelancer! Oh well, all part of the learning curve I guess!

Thanks a lot for contacting me though about this feature you had done on it and I appreciate the nice comments. The last shirt in the timeline, the Kanu shirt was a last minute change as John Utaka had left the club when I finished the wall so those are some little mistakes, your right! sorry everybody!* Hope you like the work otherwise!

Check out some more of my work if you like at or and drop me a message if you’re interested in any work being done for you!

Thanks again,

Nigel – ‘AceOne’


*Im not even sure anyone else even noticed the sleeve patches were wrong :-) Great piece of art work and good I hope these pictures brought back some memories of good time at Fratton over the years.

See my original post about this here: link

Here is a link to the Spray Up Pomey gallery too: Link

Fratton Park Mural

11 Nov 15
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Queuing for a half-time Bovril and Yorkie recently I couldn’t help but notice some shirts painted on the walls opposite the kiosk.  The longer I queued the more familiar they became.

I took a photo of the work in progress and when I got home after the game I double checked and sure enough, they had used the photos on this site as reference!

By the time of my next trip to Fratton Park they had finished the job and here it is in its full glory, good job Sir!


Few of these shirts are pretty unique so there was no question they were the ones i owned.  They have for some reason though, after I first saw them and midway through painting, changed the Utaka FA Semi Final shirt to a Kanu league shirt, but forgot to change the sleeve patches. The Championship shirt worn through the league campaign of 2011-12 has the sleeve patches from the 2010 FA Cup Final.

I did email the club but didnt hear back. I have since found the artist on line and dropped him a line. I will hopefully get some back story behind the whole piece.