Spray Up Pompey

I have recently received a reply from the artist who painted the mural at Fratton Park, AceOne. Here it is…

I am the artist ‘AceOne’ who painted this mural underneath the North Stand, took bloody ages too but was well worth it! 6 months in all for no payment, just pure exposure! Thats how skint Portsmouth FC were/are! I was quite gutted that I didn’t receive the media exposure I was promised and would have wanted especially as I had just graduated from University that year and was trying to start up a career as a freelancer! Oh well, all part of the learning curve I guess!

Thanks a lot for contacting me though about this feature you had done on it and I appreciate the nice comments. The last shirt in the timeline, the Kanu shirt was a last minute change as John Utaka had left the club when I finished the wall so those are some little mistakes, your right! sorry everybody!* Hope you like the work otherwise!

Check out some more of my work if you like at www.aceonedesigns.com or www.facebook.com/aceonedesigns and drop me a message if you’re interested in any work being done for you!

Thanks again,

Nigel – ‘AceOne’

*Im not even sure anyone else even noticed the sleeve patches were wrong :-) Great piece of art work and good I hope these pictures brought back some memories of good time at Fratton over the years.

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