No Swapsies!

Players were told that they are not permitted to swap shirts at the end of the FA Cup Semi final in 2008. This was because Canterbury had invested ‘significant amounts’ into the technology of the shirt and feared that other companies could get their hands on them!

The ‘Elite’ players shirts that Canterbury had been producing included a material that was specially ‘charged’ so it would increase blood flow and performance/healing times for muscles. They also included light reflecting dots to increase their visablility during games.

A Canterbury spokesperson confirmed that players were not allowed to swap shirts after games but it seems the message was lost somewhere along the lines as midfielder Sean Davis say “I dont remember being told not to swap” but went on to say that he didn’t remember anyone asking to swap either!

Further more the club were selling these Elite type shirts, so a rival company just had to walk in the shop stump up the £100 and Bobs your uncle!

May be the cup shirt was a prototype shirt that looked like the ones previously worn? Either way, better not tell the folks at Canterbury!

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