Now You See It…Now You Dont

Not unlike Portsmouth kits, the 2007-08 season saw a mid-season alteration.

Half way trough the 2007-08 season extra Canterbury logos appeared on the shouolders of the players shirts. The logos featured on both home and away shirts during the season, though didnt feature on either the third shirts or the replicas. The first appearance of them was in the tie against Sunderland on 23rd February 2008 and nearly all remaining times the home shirt was used they appeared on the shoulders. They weren’t on the away shirt until West Ham on 8th April.

There are rules and guidelines for advertising on shirts and football kits and only having one logo, one sponsor and one club badge was understood to be the norm. Canterbury seemed to get away with this addition. The changes were picked up by fans and some complaining to the club shops that the replicas didnt feature the extra logos. The only replicas to feature them was the special cup final shirts released to celebrate Portmsouth reaching Wembley for the FA Cup.

The club shop not only sell replica shirts but the ‘Elite’ shirts too. These are the player standard shirts that feature different material, a transfered club badge and are more lightweight. These ‘Elite’ shirts that were sold also didnt feature the extra badges. If you see a shirt on ebay that has these then its almost definately an actual players shirt.

With Canterbury Extras….

Home Shirt: Spurs, Sunderland, Villa, Wigan, Newcastle, Blackburn, Birmingham and the 2 Wembley apperances

Away Shirt: Man U, West Ham and Middlesbrough

(These are games that I have found pictures of online. There may be a couple more that I havent confirmed yet)



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