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Spray Up Pomey – The Artist: AceOne

  I have recently received a reply from the artist who painted the mural at Fratton Park, AceOne. Here it is…   I am the artist ‘AceOne’ who painted this mural underneath the North Stand, took bloody ages too but was well worth it! 6 months in all for no payment, just pure exposure! Thats […]

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Fratton Park Mural

Queuing for a half-time Bovril and Yorkie recently I couldn’t help but notice some shirts painted on the walls opposite the kiosk.  The longer I queued the more familiar they became. I took a photo of the work in progress and when I got home after the game I double checked and sure enough, they had used the photos on this […]

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Selling Extra Advertising Space

Dropping down to the Championship makes for different off the pitch rues. One of those rules is the places you can have advertising on your kit. Few years previous we pushed the the rules with the extra Cantabry logos on the shoulder, now we can sell space on the back of the shirts and even […]

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Semi One Off Shirt

Portsmouth announced Today they are to have a special one-off kit for the FA Cup semi final this weekend. Kappa have been signed up for a five year deal, starting next season replacing the existing Canterbury manufacturers. Canterbury Europe went out of bussiness just after the 2009/10 season started but luckily they had made enough […]

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Now You See It Now You Dont…

Not unlike Portsmouth kits, the 2007-08 season saw a mid-season alteration. Half way trough the 2007-08 season extra Canterbury logos appeared on the shouolders of the players shirts. The logos featured on both home and away shirts during the season, though didnt feature on either the third shirts or the replicas. The first appearance of […]

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No Swapsies!

Players were told that they are not permitted to swap shirts at the end of the FA Cup Semi final in 2008. This was because Canterbury had invested ‘significant amounts’ into the technology of the shirt and feared that other companies could get their hands on them! The ‘Elite’ players shirts that Canterbury had been […]

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Nice Burgundy For The Final

The coin toss ceremony has been held for the FA Cup Final. We lost. This gives us the Eastern End and we will have to wear our change strip Paul Wield mentioned that the change strip for the final will be white and burgundy. Looking back, although red has been used for change kits over […]

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DC Uited

For Portsmouth latest match on their US tour, DC United had to lend them their white away kit as Portsmouths continuing transport issues led to the kit being stuck in another city!

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Kit Vote

Portsmouths match day programme has been running a vote each week to put together the ‘Best Portsmouth Ever’. It has had a vote each week for the best goalie, defender etc to find the best team. It has asked for votes on best performance, best individual performance, best crowd, best result etc and the results […]

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2 Away Teams?

No, just Pompey previewing thier new away kit at home to Fulham! Clubs are given special dispensation to show off their new kits on the last home game of each season. For the last game of the 2007-08 season Portsmouth elected to show off the new away shirt for the coming campain. Because this was […]

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Odd Man Out

Though seemingly business as usual here, there is a bit of an odity. The picture above was taken at Goddison Park in August 2008. Pompey were using their black third strip for the first time and seemingly, David James’ new kit hadn’t arrived! The 2008-09 shirts featured a new Pompey crest on the shirts, the […]

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Same Season, Different Shirt

Pompey Sport took over the manufacturing of the kit in 1999. The first shirt to appear was the home shirt. A simple blue affair with thin shadow stripes and a buttoned granddad collar. The first run of these were sponsor less as no contracts had been signed and the season was rapidly approaching. The Pompey […]

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