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Spray Up Pomey – The Artist: AceOne

  I have recently received a reply from the artist who painted the mural at Fratton Park, AceOne. Here it is…   I am the artist ‘AceOne’ who painted this mural underneath the North Stand, took bloody ages too but was well worth it! 6 months in all for no payment, just pure exposure! Thats […]

Fratton Park Mural

Queuing for a half-time Bovril and Yorkie recently I couldn’t help but notice some shirts painted on the walls opposite the kiosk.  The longer I queued the more familiar they became. I took a photo of the work in progress and when I got home after the game I double checked and sure enough, they had used the photos on this […]

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Welcome to my site. I have a couple of hobbies, one is collecting Portsmouth shirts and one is web here I combine the two.

There is the gallery with most of the shirts I own, there are a few articles about some random geeky bits I've picked up along the way and a page about the shirts the club have used over the years. Read/look/enjoy.

Cheers. Matt

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