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Long time Pompey fans and collecting for 15 or so years. Football has always been a passion and what kid doesn't live in football shirts.


Currently none of these shirts are for sale, and if the wife asks, Im not looking to buy any more either.

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Now You See It…Now You Dont

Not unlike Portsmouth kits, the 2007-08 season saw a mi

11 Nov 15 matt

No Swapsies!

Players were told that they are not permitted to swap s

11 Nov 15 matt

Nice Burgundy For The Final

The coin toss ceremony has been held for the FA Cup Fin

11 Nov 15 matt

Semi Final One Off Shirt Annonuced

Portsmouth announced Today they are to have a special o

11 Nov 15 matt

Spray Up Pompey

I have recently received a reply from the artist who pa

11 Nov 15 matt